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IF THIS IS A NEW MEMBERSHIP: Thank you for your interest in joining the Sunburst Award Society.  We are currently offering memberships at an annual and a lifetime level.  PayPal is our means of collecting membership dues, and paypal offers payment by a variety of methods, including credit cards.

Please note that while membership does allow you to vote for the Copper Cylinder Award, we are not a registered charity, and, therefore, your contribution is not tax-deductible.  Nevertheless, we greatly appreciate your support for the Society and the Sunburst and Copper Cylinder Awards.

IF YOU ARE RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP:  First log into the site with your old username before entering your payment details.  If you don't remember your username, click the "Request new password" link to enter your email address and have a password reset link sent to you.

IMPORTANT: If you are signing up for a new membership and a member is already logged-in on this computer, please log out before entering your information.

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